Bioheat Basics

Why is bioheat best?

Medford Heating owner, Steve Foulk, explains the benefits of bioheat. Find out why Medford Heating chose to become the first business in South Jersey to switch to bioheat.

Bioheat FAQ’s

Question: What is Bioheat?

Answer: Bioheat is a blend of conventional heating oil and ASTM certified biodiesel

Question: Why should I want to use Bioheat?


  • Bioheat improves your heater’s overall efficiency.
  • Bioheat reduces emissions, improving local air quality.
  • Gradually dissolves gunk & grime (from petroleum) that builds up in tank and lines
    that can cause system malfunction if not cleaned.
  • Supports American energy independence, reduces dependency on foreign oil.
  • Supports American Economy.

Question: How much is Bioheat going to cost me?

Answer: Bioheat is cost-competitive with conventional heating oil. You will now get far greater performance and system benefits from using Bioheat than conventional heating oil for the same price.

Question: Do I have to do anything to my heater?

Answer: Bioheat is completely compatible with conventional oil heaters. No modifications are necessary. Bioheat is blended with conventional petroleum so it can be mixed with the fuel already in your tank.

Question: How do you know this is going to work when I need it to?

Answer: Bioheating oil has been used in the Mid-west for nearly 20 years. Biodiesel leaves your system running cleaner inside and out, improving your heater’s efficiency ensuring your heater is reliable when you need it most.

Question: What else do I need to know about Bioheat


  • Bioheating oil is the next step in oil heat technology. You are being upgraded to the most efficient fuel available to the oil industry.
  • We have committed our company to providing this environmentally-friendly, American product because we believe this is the right thing to do. Using Bioheating oil gives you a superior product while at the same time improving local air quality and supporting American energy independence.